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Kassia Krozser Ruined Today’s Blog Post

Like many a geek, I feverishly refreshed web pages during yesterday’s Apple event - waiting to get that next scrap of gadgety goodness Steve Jobs throws our way every so often.  The new iPod touch is actually the first iPod I have ever actually wanted, and I immediately started thinking about the applications one could build for its WiFi-enabled Safari browser.

Yesterday I started writing a post outlining my reasoning for proclaiming the iPod touch as the ideal e-book platform, and as I prepared to finish the piece last night I see the very smart Kassia Krozser at the Booksquare blog has beaten me to the punch with a post entitled Apple Saves the Publishing Industry.

So, go ahead and read her thoughts on the matter.  Go ahead, I won’t be offended - she’s right after all.

When will we stop trying to create a dedicated e-book reader and simply adopt our content to devices consumers already want and use?  This may be a real opportunity for content creators to build products for a “for real” device.  Granted, the storage is on the small side, but its a first generation product and that is sure to improve.

What do you think?  Can adoption of a product like the new iPod touch create a new content channel?

  • Chris,

    Kassia sure did kick that one to the kerb!

  • mjh

    Does anybody want to read 100 Years of Solitude on a 3.5" screen? peace, mjh

  • Kassia Krozser

    I am sooo sor--okay, I'm only sort of sorry. We really need to coordinate our brilliant posts. Thank you for the link and the comments. Usually when a man says I've ruined his day, it's the husband who has discovered the latest cache of books after he's cleared the piles around my desk!

  • Jim Minatel

    You and Kassia are dead on. In my little know, little read corner of the world, I said as much a couple of months before iPhone even launched:
    when I said the internet mobile phone is the perfect ebook platform. Whether it's ipod touch or iphone, the theory is the same. of course Codding Horror Jeff also had a good point about even the brilliant NYT Reader application being "inferior to the web broswer":

    BTW, I'd disagree with the storage being on the small side. Unless video or music is taking up 90% of the space, what's left is more than enough for a huge pocket library of books. Go Colts!

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