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Can’s Jeff Bezos Fix Twitter’s Scalability Problem?

Looks like Twitter got a new round of funding today, and you may be thinking “so what?”  I’m interested because one of the new investors is’s Jeff Bezos who as Read Write Web put it, is “Mr. Scalability.”

It seems that Bezos keeps his investing activities separate from the business of, so I don’t think we will see an influx of applications leveraging Twitter soon, but I wonder if AWS is not a viable platform for Twitter.

They already use S3 for serving up avatars, so I wonder if moving to EC2 and related services might be part of the plan?

What do you think? is this just a new round of funding for Twitter and Jeff Bezos just happens to be in the mix, or is this the start of something bigger for Twitter?

(Photo credit ETech)

  • Matt Ellsworth

    Not too sure - but it sure would be great if they did.

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  • Lockerz Davetiye

    dont worry amazon has enough power to fix it^^