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Your PR and Marketing Colleagues Don’t Understand Social Media

Do you feel this way? Then point them to this amazing article by Brian Solis. In his Manifesto for Integrating Social Media into Marketing, Brian covers the range of social media concepts and makes the case for engaging customers and participating in conversations using tools such as blogs, social networks, wikis, lifestreams ala Twitter and Jaiku, video, livecasts such as Veodia and, news aggregators such as Digg and Reddit, social media releases, videos, and podcasts.

Here are a few quick checks to get a feel for how much your company really understands what is happening in social media:

  1. Is your company blogging? I don’t mean employee blogs about what their kids are doing (and yes, I have one of those too) but is someone really speaking openly and honestly to customers via a blog. Does your CEO blog?
  2. Still pushing stodgy Press Releases or have you adopted a strategy for Social Media Releases?
  3. Does your company think that their customers are not a part of the social media landscape - that its just a small percentage of people on the fringes of the Internet?
  4. Does your company have a YouTube Channel?
  5. Do you have a Social Media Newsroom?

If none of this sounds familiar, you owe it to yourself to read Brian’s excellent summary of the future of PR and Marketing.