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More Great Book Video from Wiley UK - Wiley EMEA Sales Conference Day 3

Wiley UK is moving quickly to integrate digital content into it’s marketing and promotional activities. There have been several video examples shown this week, including this one for Computing for Seniors For Dummies.

Do you think this approach is more effective than “traditional” marketing methods?

  • Rebecca Leaman

    I do think it's right on the money: Seniors of my acquaintance look to kids & grandkids for tech support, and after a while the tech support team is likely to look about for a good book to help with the job!

  • rjleaman,

    You are correct. We are not targeting the senior readership on YouTube. We are trying to spread the word to children and grandchildren who spend many hours providing technical support to parents and grandparents.

  • Rebecca Leaman

    My first reaction was that the market for this particular title (seniors with little computing experience) was 'off' for YouTube marketing - but of course the video makes it clear that the video is not speaking to the book's audience but to a particular group of potential purchasers (gift-buying grandchildren), which makes much more sense! And to target that particular group, yes, video is probably going to be quite effective. Interesting!

  • Reto Meier

    I'd say it's as effective but in a different way.

    It's great viral content that works because the product's brand is already well established and instantly recognizable thanks to the more 'traditional' marketing methods.

    In any case. Yes, very effective.

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