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Why Word of Mouth Matters

I have held this in for too long, and it is time that I finally admit it to myself, and to you.

I am a Vayniac.

Seriously, Wine TV is great, but trust me - the real gold is on Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog. If you don’t already read it, start. I have found that Gary’s approach to business and social media in particular is applicable to whatever field in which you happen to be.

For example, with more than 200,000 400,000 books published each year, word of mouth marketing can make or break you. Below is Gary on how he cuts through all the noise of the social web, and why word of mouth is critical. Sure, he is speaking from his own experiences with Wine TV, but it absolutely applies to book authors as well.

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  • Walt Shiel

    Good stuff, Chris. I've just added Vaynerchuk's blog to my growing list of subscriptions.

    However, as I pointed out to you via Twitter, the number of new books published actually hit 400,000 last year. Check out this NYT, sort of depressing, article on the subject.

    I think we're rapidly approaching the 80/20 rule -- 80% of the population will publish at least one book, but only 20% of them will ever read any book at all.

    Ah, well, it keeps life -- or at least publishing -- interesting.

    Walt Shiel

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