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Looking for Elvis - A Creative Book Trailer

My Colleagues at Capstone have recently released a book trailer for their upcoming book, Dear Celebrity. I know you have seen book trailers before but this one has a bit of a twist - not only is it kooky, kitsch and creative, but it also serves as a contest in which viewers can win an iPod Touch.

Book trailers hit the scene earlier this year as a creative way for publishers to promote and market their new titles.  Many have been straight forward, and others have been rather dramatic - more like a movie trailer than a book and that’s the point after all. But I really like what Capstone have done with this tongue in cheek approach to the viral.  The style of the video is true to the Capstone brand, and creates the desired buzz while having a lot of fun with the subject.  It also engages the viewer, and converts them from a passive consumer of media into an active participant.

As we publishers figure out how media like video fit into more traditional approaches to marketing, it is good to see Wiley colleagues like the Capstone team breaking out of the old media mold.

If you want to play along, watch the video below, and visit for your chance to win an iPod Touch (subject, of course to contest rules and deadlines.)

Can You Spot Elvis? Dear Celebrity from Chris Webb on Vimeo.

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  • imansubarkah

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  • Bridget

    I think I like video book trailers, I'm just not sure if they aren't a waste of time… Do they actually result in bigger book sales, do you know?