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David Berlind on Twitter as a Content Platform

ZD Net’s David Berlind picks up on a meme I discussed back in March.

Like blogging, I see Twitter more as a disruptive Web publishing tool with ramifications to existing media business processes than I do as a way to find out when and where my friends are going to lunch and how much indigestion it gave them after.

Exactly, Twitter is a tool. The value in Twitter and other social applications lies in how you choose to leverage it.

A couple of days ago, I noted how Twitter is the sort of technology that could completely up-end subscription-driven outfits like Bloomberg or Reuters. Investors subscribe to these services and sit in front of giant consoles as editors from these organizations spit out one-liners at them — one-liners with material information to investors — in near real-time.

Yes, that’s certainly one example. Others might include using social applications like Twitter as a marketing platform to reach customers.

I’m happy to see more thinking along these lines with respect to social applications.

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