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Simon and Schuster Leverages Social Media with

If you read my post yesterday about Brian Solis’s look at Social Media for PR and Marketing you will be interested in this announcement from Simon and Schuster. Remember item #4 in yesterday’s post - Does your company have a YouTube Channel? is a video channel S&S will use to feature book trailers, author interviews and probably lots of other interesting content. There are several things I like about this:

  1. It shows they understand the shifting of traditional marketing and PR to social media.
  2. They didn’t just post a bunch of boring “download links” or try and cram it into their CM or commerce applications (you Publishers know who you are) but instead host it with streaming content on what appears to be a WordPress blog complete with social elements.
  3. In addition, they mirror the content on their own YouTube channel.
  4. By doing #2 and #3, they created a “conversation” not a “presentation.” Viewers are able to comment in text, as well as share their thoughts via video responses.

It’s too early to tell if this will be a hit, but the fact that a large company like S&S is trying to break out of the old traditional models and embrace the changes is laudable. Well done.

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