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Not Now Buddy, Daddy’s Negotiating Your Starting Salary

Are you kidding me? I had absolutely no idea this was happening, but according to this Boston Business Journal report (via Kent Blumberg) there are actually parents who call the HR departments of companies where their child is interviewing to pitch their kid!

According to nearly 25 percent of the 750 employers responding to the Collegiate Employment Research Institute’s 2007 Recruiting Trends survey, parents are indeed taking on more than their share of their kids’ job searches. Forty-one percent gather materials from prospective employers.

Thirty-one percent submit résumés on behalf of their children. Twenty-six percent actively promote their kids for positions — and 4 percent actually attend job interviews.

How embarrassing!

I would certainly be as involved as my child wanted me to be in helping him prepare for interviews, or assisting in resume writing, but attending interviews?

How could I possibly expect a candidate to hit the ground running and be an independent, productive employee if they can’t nail the interview without help from Mom or Dad?

If faced with this situation, how would you handle it during the hiring process? Would you ever let your parent(s) be a part of the interview process for your new job?

  • Kent Blumberg

    I’m with you on this one - can’t see ever attending an interview with either of my two kids. I’m proud of them, and they can stand on their own.

  • Chris

    Thanks for stopping by Kent. I’ve been reading your blog recently - good stuff.