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Customer Maniacs

I was out for a quick bite to eat today and saw a help wanted poster that read:

Now Hiring Customer Maniacs


In a related note, this comment on Joe Wikert’s blog caught my eye as well. Morgan Ramsay, commenting on a post concerning changing content models says:

Content models that focus on content are a dying breed. Content models that focus on users are not.

Absolutely true, and a big challenge for traditional book publishers who are struggling with new ways to deliver content-based revenue streams in a rapidly changing market. Publishers have always held the notion that the value is in the content, and I still believe that is true. But as more content becomes freely available, the value of content diminishes and the unique nature of the content becomes even more important. We now have to consider that the delivery, convenience, and experience of the content are as valuable as the content itself.

Where am I going with all of this? I’m not entirely sure myself - there’s a lot to say about the changing nature of our business, but this is probably the spring board for some upcoming posts.
Stay tuned.

  • Jim Minatel

    “But as more content becomes freely available, the value of content diminishes…”
    But as more content becomes available, good content, trusted content, and finding that good trusted content becomes more valuable.

  • Chris

    Exactly Jim - and something I’ll be posting my thoughts on soon.

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