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Capstone Publishing - Wiley EMEA Sales Conference Day 2

I have had the incredible opportunity to meet and hear from colleagues from all over the globe while here in Malta, and it has really refocused, and re-energised me.  During this morning’s plenary session, I was impressed by the presentation given by Capstone’s Jason Dunne.

Admittedly, I was not very familiar with Capstone prior to this morning, but they are really out there on the cutting edge and producing some really amazing products.  To get a feeling for what I mean, take a look at this promotional video for one of Capstone’s business titles.

Awesome.  Not typical of Wiley’s other imprints, and I suppose that’s why I like it so much.  It’s edgy, risky and funny.

What do you think?  Effective?

  • Jennifer Gniadecki


    I cannot wait until book marketing becomes integrated enough that there is a video, blog and podcast for all business books. That way no matter what the preference of the buyer is they can find you, instead of you ONLY being a book they can ONLY find if they look in the right place on the right day when the wind is blowing the right direction.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences at the conference. I’m really enjoying it.

  • Megan Varilly

    Well, we’re all pretty thrilled here at Capstone that you’re liking the work! If you wanted to check out any of our other stuff you can see it all on our You Tube channel

    Thanks again for the great feedback!

    (Capstone Marketing)

  • go fug yourself

    thank you for share.

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