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Inside the Mind of a Business Book Publicist

Business book publicist Barbara Cave Henricks has a new blog.

On Kindle:

While the purist in me refuses to imagine a world without physical books, I can’t help but think of my children and the entire generation to which they belong, who have grown up in a world not only digital, but instant and on demand. The other night we dug out an old VHS holiday movie and my youngest had to have the concept of “rewind” explained.

On finding your audience:

Books enter the market in a unique and largely untested way. There are generally no focus groups or beta testers. And while no one would dream of launching a computer game, a new line of low-fat snacks or a snazzy new sneaker without extensive market research, every year 6,000 business books hit the shelves exactly that way — based on one author’s vision, one editor’s belief and one publishing company’s faith that they will find a market.

On selecting books:

But there are thousands of books published in a single year, and I am in the business of working on publicity for perhaps a dozen or so. The books I select will become my sole focus for at least six months and I will live with the decisions and books for each of those days as I work to bring the book to the media’s attention.

Barbara’s blog looks to be shaping up to be a must read.

Disclosure: Barbara’s company works on many Wiley bestsellers.

(Via Brand Autopsy)

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