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DailyLit Begins Syndicating Books Pre-Release

Earlier this week DailyLit announced its first pre-publication deal for House Rules which will be published in 139 installments for $9.95. This marks the site’s first opportunity to syndicate a book before the print release.

DailyLit began with mostly public domain works, syndicating them to readers in snack-sized chucks via email and RSS. Recently, the site began offering books from a variety of publishers at prices that range from free to just under $10.

I must admit that I didn’t pay much attention to DailyLit initially (shame on me.) But with this recent announcement, they are certainly on my radar. I’m trying out the service, and reading Cory Doctorow’s Scroogled via RSS on my Blackberry.

For the majority of publishing my group does (computer programming titles) this model of distribution might not make a lot of sense, but for other types of books it might work very well. Only caveat I can see is in the scheduled delivery. You can control the time and frequency of the updates, but it seems to be limited to only 1 installment a day. If I want to read a book on a long flight, I am sure to want more than just the day’s installment, and I am not likely to “store up” installments in anticipation of a long reading session.

What about you? Would you read books in this fashion?

  • Jeff

    I saw this service mentioned the other day on another blog so I signed up for RSS delivery of the a free title that I’ve been wanting to read. But, darn, by my 2nd installment I’ve already fallen behind in my reading.

    I would like to get even smaller chunks of text with each installment…may take forever to finish a book but perhaps I can read several at a time.

  • david valade

    Chris I’ve seen this format work well for religious publishers. Zondervan does a verse a day distribution. Also under this model ads could easily be placed alongside content that was delivered if a direct purchase model isn’t working. I’ve tried to convince a few publishers that serial novels could be published using an email format. The emails would come from and be sent to the characters of the novel and provide the readers a ‘window’ into the character’s world.

  • Chris

    Jeff, the installments are a bit larger than I expected, but I could still see myself burning through them quickly.

    David, the sponsored approach is an interesting idea. I had not considered that right away.