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Social DRM: How Much is Too Much Information?

29 April 2008


I have been thinking about the concept of Social DRM for e-books a bit more lately. It’s a model I believe can work, but I wonder how much is too much information to embed. I think a watermark containing something like “This e-book prepared especially for John Doe (” is perfectly acceptable. But, does [...]

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I For One Welcome Our New Freaky Robot Overlords

19 March 2008


There’s just something about Boston Dynamics’s Big Dog that just weirds me out. Maybe it is the strange alien bug sound it makes, or the freakishly organic motion of this legs. Either way its both nightmarish and amazing. (About 30 seconds into the video - watch how it moves as it manages to stay [...]

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Partly Cloudy: Amazon’s S3 Service Goes Down

15 February 2008


We’ve been hearing for some time that the future of our data storage is “in the cloud.” Many of us already use cloud storage for email (GMail), files (XDrive) and backup (Mozy) among many others. But what happens when you can no longer reach your data? Several companies found out today when’s S3 [...]

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