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NORAD Tracking Santa for their 53rd Christmas

24 December 2008


In 1955 a Sears & Roebuck store in Colorado Springs advertised for children to call and talk to Santa. Only trouble was that the misprinted phone number connected the children to the Commander in Chief of CONAD, responsible for the tracking of possible incoming ICBMs over North American airspace. Colonel Harry Shoup happily gave children [...]

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Netflix on XBox 360 is Very Disappointing

20 December 2008


I am a huge Xbox 360 fan.  I was one of those who stood in line on a very cold November morning to get my hands on one of the first units.  I suffered through the Red Rings of Death without complaint.  I’ve spent countless amounts on games and hardware.  So when I say something [...]

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Can’s Jeff Bezos Fix Twitter’s Scalability Problem?

24 June 2008


Looks like Twitter got a new round of funding today, and you may be thinking “so what?”  I’m interested because one of the new investors is’s Jeff Bezos who as Read Write Web put it, is “Mr. Scalability.” It seems that Bezos keeps his investing activities separate from the business of, so I don’t [...]

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