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Like many of you, I use Twitter. (@chriswebb) I use it for a variety of reasons, both personal and professional but have always thought of it as a very ‘personal’ tool. By that I mean …

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Wiley’s Blackwell Becomes World’s First CarbonNeutral Publisher
Wednesday, Mar 21, 2007 | One Comment

Blackwell, acquired by John Wiley & Sons in February has become the world’s first CarbonNeutral publisher.
In order to neutralize the unavoidable CO2 produced by Blackwell Publishing’s activities we are supporting a range of Offset …

Cory Doctorow on e-Books
Monday, Mar 19, 2007 | One Comment

Cory Doctorow has a nice piece in Locus magazine concerning e-books and the cliché argument that people don’t like reading on a screen. Actually he points out people do like reading on a …

How Unique is Your Product? Your Service? Your Company?
Monday, Mar 19, 2007 | No Comment

Today, Josh Hallet points us to John Moore’s wonderful Brand Autopsy blog, where John has been writing a “would you care” series. His most recent entry concerns Chili’s.
If Chili’s went out of business tomorrow, …

Professional XNA Author Profiled in Official Xbox Magazine
Monday, Mar 5, 2007 | No Comment

Benjamin Nitschke, author of my upcoming Wrox title, Professional XNA Game Programming for Xbox 360 and Windows, is profiled in the April 2007 issue of Official Xbox Magazine. As part of their XNA:The First …

John Wiley and Sons Bicentennial Video Now Online
Monday, Mar 5, 2007 | No Comment

It is simply amazing to work for a company that has been publishing books for 2 centuries, and I am humbled to know that I am a part of an organization that published the likes of …

Snack Culture and its Effect on Publishing
Wednesday, Feb 28, 2007 | 2 Comments

The March 2007 issue of Wired features a cover story on “The New World of One-Minute Entertainment” and how media is being distributed and consumed in quick and easy chunks. In a world …