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Author Charles Petzold on Deadlines and Letting Go

22 May 2008


Author Charles Petzold discussing our forthcoming book, The Annotated Turing: In an ideal imaginary world, a book is finished only when the author is fully satisfied that every word and comma is perfect. In the real world, that doesn’t work. The only way books ever get finished is with the imposition of a deadline — sometimes [...]

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The Problem with Book Outlines - Advice for Authors

22 April 2008


I was speaking with a potential author on the phone today who was having trouble with the outline portion of his book proposal. Of course, building the book outline is one of the most important elements in writing winning book proposals, so all new authors stress over getting it right the first time. You probably [...]

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DailyLit Begins Syndicating Books Pre-Release

14 April 2008


Earlier this week DailyLit announced its first pre-publication deal for House Rules which will be published in 139 installments for $9.95. This marks the site’s first opportunity to syndicate a book before the print release. DailyLit began with mostly public domain works, syndicating them to readers in snack-sized chucks via email and RSS. Recently, [...]

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