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Digital Books: Digital FAIL?

11 February 2009


This week I had a lively conversation about Amazon’s recent Kindle mobile phone announcement with Wiley Author Reto Meier. I invited Reto to share his thoughts with readers on why he believes digital books have a very long way yet to go. The future of publishing may be digital, but costly Kindles and eBooks on iPhones [...]

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The Evolving Experience Expectation of Customers

10 July 2008


Note: The following is a portion of a presentation given at the recent Wiley EMEA Sales Conference by Christine Dunn, Director of Marketing.  She was kind enough to allow me to share it here. I’m not going to spend time going through loads of statistics confirming that nearly every man, woman, and child at every [...]

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Alan Cooper on Becoming a Better Marksman

2 June 2008


I was speaking with author Alan Cooper last week, and the topic rolled around to business axioms. If you have ever read any of Alan’s books you know that his business and design axioms are are featured prominently, so it not very surprising that our conversations generally end up being about the business, design, [...]

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