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From Around the ‘Net on 04/04/11

4 April 2011

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Online Task Management - Producteev (tags: productivity tools tasks todo task list)

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From Around the ‘Net on 01/08/09

8 January 2009


10 Trends in Media & Publishing (tags: Publishing Media) Apple Removes DRM Shackles. Books Next?<div class="entry-title-go-to"></div> (tags: DRM Apple Music E-books) The Problem of Media Economics: Value Equations Have Radically Changed<div class="entry-title-go-to"></div> (tags: Publishing web2.0 media content)

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From Around the ‘Net on 11/17/08

17 November 2008

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Why Every Author Needs a Powerful Online Presence (tags: brand books author platform web social) PubWest Workshop: Thoughts on Social Networking (tags: social network media marketing publishing books) Like Me, You’re Probably Too Lazy to Be a Bestselling Author (tags: writing books platform bestseller) Moms Give Motrin A Headache (tags: social media twitter motrin marketing pr)

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